The Refuge

“The state of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or difficulty”

We can help

The North Highlands Refuge will provide a sanctuary...

to the most vulnerable members of our society, children in care. 

The Highlands region of Scotland currently has a higher number of children in care than its counterpart of Glasgow. The North Highlands refuge will provide much needed assistance to help ease the strain these e

Our offerings

We provide a secure environment...

where children can feel safe and once again free to enjoy their childhood. The refuge will help to rebuild confidence and establish trust between its occupants and staff. Our goal is to help children grow into responsible and conscientious young adults, equipped with a skillset allowing them to become whoever they want to become.

Our surroundings

Set in between Bonar Bridge and Lairg...

and a stone’s throw from the banks of Loch Shinn. Our home in the Scottish Highlands within the property of Aultnagar is a stunning location. It allows our occupants the opportunity to partake in several activities and also immerse themselves in the local culture and wildlife that the Scottish Highlands affords its guests. The building was built to be both secure and impressive allowing for each resident to be afforded their own space. We welcome occupants from all types of cultures and backgrounds and provide them with the tools to create their own futures.